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My favorite music of 2012 (so far)

Since we are three-quarters of the way through 2012 already, I thought it was worth sharing the albums I have liked the most so far this year.

To be clear: This is not an attempt to reach Pitchforkian levels of obscurity in my choices.  While I love music — and new music — I try to avoid the snobbery that comes with being “into” music.

This list is also not meant to be comprehensive. Just the stuff I find myself coming back to again and again to listen to.

Caveats dispatched. Let’s do this thing.

* The Lumineers, “The Lumineers”.

* Father John Misty, “Fear Fun”.

* Kelly Hogan, “I like to keep myself in pain”.

* Passion Pit, “Gossamer”.

* Diamond Rugs, “Diamond Rugs”.

* Leonard Cohen, “Old Ideas”

* Edward Sharpe, “Here”.

The Lumineers

I am an endless search for new, good music. (Good is harder to find than new.)  A friend of mine named John Moye turned me on to The Lumineers, who sound like a cross between Edward Sharpe and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Check them out. Here.

And the best Bob Dylan album is….?

As a kid, I remember looking with disdain at Bob Dylan. My dad was a BIG fan and had all of Dylan’s records. (And, yes, I know I am old.) If my dad liked Dylan, he couldn’t possibly be cool, I concluded.

In college, I started to actually listen to Dylan. And quickly I became obsessed.  I now go through phases where I literally listen to nothing other than Dylan for weeks at a time.

All of which got me to thinking: Which is Dylan’s best album ever?

I am partial to:

1. Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Blowin’ in the Wind, Girl From North Country, Hard Rain, Don’t Think Twice, Corrina Corrina)

2. Highway 61 Revisited (Like a Rolling Stone, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, Queen Jane Approximately, Ballad of a Thin Man, Desolation Row)

What say you?

There is SO much amazing music here.  

Hip hop

I was WAY into hip hop as a teenager.  I got way out of it during my 20s and have, largely, missed the whole Lil Wayne era.  But, at he recommendations of the Post music critic — Chris Richard (@chris__richards on the Twitter machine) I have started to get back into hip hop.

My current favorite is this Drake album. Amazing.

Basic math

Of Monsters and Men > Civil Wars

Bruuuuuuce! (Verizon Center. April 1, 2012)

Bruuuuuuce! (Verizon Center. April 1, 2012)